Veterinary Nurse Day !!!

The second Friday of October is VET NURSE DAY!! Although, we really don’t need a specific day of the year to show our appreciation for all that our exceptional Vet Nurses do. From being the face and voice of the clinic, to caring for your pets, supporting our vet team and all the ‘one percenters’ they do throughout the clinic to keep it running smoothly.
At the front of the clinic, you trust our Vet Nurses with your pet’s wellness, health, behaviour and fur-parenting advice. Beyond the front counter, you don’t always see the compassionate work of the Vet Nurses that care for and comfort your pet, to ensure his/her visit is as stress free as possible. Our Vet Nurses have been trained in low stress handling techniques, to help your pet feel safe and confident during their visit. Calming music, pheromone sprays and calm voices are used to create a comforting environment to help reduce stress. When in hospital Vet Nurses treat your pets like their own, with cuddles, pats, walks and hand feeding to make their hospital stay comfortable and homely.

What would we, you and your pets ever do without our multitasking Vet Nurses? They are a wealth of knowledge, the connection between you, your pet and your vet, stand in fur-parents, and an all-round hardworking team that are always striving to learn more and be the best Vet Nurses they can be. Thank you for all you do!!