Best For Pet

Wellness Membership The best all year carefor your pet Helping your petslive their best life The Best for Pet Wellness Plan provides preventative health care services at an affordable monthly fee. Enjoy unlimited vet consultations, annual vaccinations, a $250 discount

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How old is my pet in human years?

Our Pet Age Calculator will tell you. Turns out it’s not as simple as just multiplying a cat or dog’s age by 7! Pets can age differently depending on their species, breed, and size. Input your pet’s calendar age below

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Your guide to senior check-ups

Hi paw parent, just like you, pets want to live a long and happy life. With proper health care management, older pets can live their lives to their full potential, which may be well over the equivalent of 100 human

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Looking after your senior pet

When is a pet classified as being senior or mature? Dogs and cats are considered to be mature adults once they turn 7 years old. Large breed dogs age more quickly and are considered mature at 5-6 years of age.