‘How to reduce pet stress and handle emergency on the way to the vet’

In order to reduce stress to your pet in an emergency situation, it all starts with the way YOU respond. In an emergency situation, if you don’t feel comfortable and don’t know what to do, that feeds panic. Panic can interfere with your thinking process, especially when loved ones are involved.

Pets are so good at reading our emotional states, and can, and will react to your body language. If you scream/cry or rush up to your injured pet, you may unintentionally spike your pets stress level, causing devastating effects to their health and possibly increasing your risk of being hurt. It is best to think in the moment, instead of fretting about what happened or what could happen with your injured pet.

In the moment, try to remain calm. Approach your pet slowly from the back, never head-on, and speak in a gentle, confident tone. Assess the situation and support your pet while moving them out of danger or to the car for transport. At the earliest possibility call your closest, available, vet clinic, to advice of your arrival time and your pet’s current state. Mentally support and comfort your pet during transport and when transitioning into the vet.

Once arrived at the vet clinic trust the trained Veterinary Professionals to treat your pet. Your pet will be calmed by your calm behaviour, so put your energy into supporting and comforting your pet when able to.