A mothers bond is unbreakable!

Happy Mothers Day, Mum!


With mother’s day this month, it is an important time to not only show appreciation to all the human mothers out there but the 4-legged ones as well!

When a mother sees their child for the first time an instant bond is created that will last a life time. This is also true of the 4-legged furry kind. Seeing a mother interacting, caring, protecting and teaching her puppies is definitely something that melts the heart! We wanted to share with you all how beautiful, caring and smart our canine companions are and how alike they are to our own human mothers!

A mother’s everlasting bond begins from birth:

As each tiny puppy makes its way into the world, their mother is there for its first need.  The mother licks and cleans each tiny puppy helping to remove their placenta and stimulating their breathing. Like a human mother cuddles and gives her child their first feed, a mother dog curls tightly around her new litter keeping them protected and warm whilst nursing their first feed.


A mother’s world revolves around her young:

Throughout the first few weeks of having a newborn home our mothers give us undivided, devoted care and attention, and like this a mother dog will give complete attention to her precious puppies – spending a huge amount of her energy feeding, caring and cleaning her puppies. Like our wonderful but exhausted mothers, a mother dog also becomes extremely tired as the cheeky puppies disrupt her sleep patterns and as her body recovers from the birth. Sorry mum for the lack of sleep!


A mothers sloppy kisses:

A mother shows love to her young by nuzzling them with her head and just like us when we kiss our children, a mother dog kisses her puppies too but in the form of a big sloppy lick! Even once her puppies are weaned a mother dog still enjoys a snuggle with her big puppies. We are also very lucky to have a mothers open arms to come back to no matter how old we are. Like our lovely mothers gently smile at as, dogs smile with their tales! You will often see an excited mother wagging her tail frantically as she greets and plays with her puppies.


A mother’s amazing instinct to care and protect:

There is a reason for the saying “never get between a mother and her child”. Like us, right from the beginning a mother dog has an amazing instinct to care for and protect her puppies. When a mother is separated from her puppies often she will wine to alert her humans.  If she senses danger it is not uncommon to see a mother place herself between the puppies and the threat. Mothers have an amazing ability to sense danger or a human that may cause harm and in these situations she will not let the human approach her and her little litter.

We will be forever thankful for your protection and care, mum!


A mother’s life lessons:

As we grow our mothers are there to teach us many life lessons, from walking and talking to reading and writing.  A mother dog also plays this very important “teaching” role. As her puppies get older a mother with encourage her young to venture out into the world, helping them to develop confidence and independence. A mother dog will start to encourage her litter to interact and play with her human family and other pets in the household. In the wild a mother dog would have had to scavenge and hunt for her food to bring back to her puppies. Luckily for our domestic mothers this is no longer needed. However, you will often see this trait still present when a mother dog collects and carries a precious toy or item to her puppies to play. Just like ratty and misbehaving children, a mother will bark at her young if their play becomes too rough.


So a BIG Happy mothers day to all those mothers out there 2-legged and 4-legged.

We appreciate everything you do for us even if we don’t say it! We love you!