Getting ready for the Million Paws Walk?

Monthly Behaviour Tip

Getting ready for the Million Paws Walk? Here are some tips on loose lead walking.

With the Million Paws Walk approaching, you may want to perfect your dog’s loose lead walking. Dogs love being outside and going for a walk is a stimulating and exciting part of their day, so their desire to push ahead and in turn pull the lead is very strong. Here are a few ways to help you make your walk more enjoyable for everyone.


  1. Choose appropriate walking equipment. Front-attached harnesses are designed to gently discourage your dog from pulling while walking on a lead; reducing coughing, gagging and choking.
  1. Teach your dog that pulling on the lead does not result in what he/she is striving to get to. By allowing your dog to pull to where he/she wants to go, you inadvertently reinforce the pulling. Instead, use your dog’s favourite treats to keep him/her focused on walking next to you on a loose lead.
  1. Avoid pulling back on the lead. When you pull the lead your dog is more incline to pull harder against you. Instead use tasty treats to redirect your dogs focus on you and the walk.
  1. Take an alternate route. Avoid walking past the usual areas you know your dog reacts to, or if your dog reacts to other dogs passing, change direction when you see one coming.

If you have any further questions or concerns contact us to discuss. If you can’t walk on the day, you can donate using our donation page.


Veterinary Nurse Kirstie Hancock is qualified in animal behaviour with her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services through the Delta Society. She has lots of great tips and ideas when it comes to misbehaving pets. Keep an eye out for her monthly tips on our Facebook page. Also check out her own business Facebook page – Positive Paws.