We work with VetChat

We work with VetChat for afterhours triage and emergencies when the clinic is closed. (7 days a week – every day of the year including public holidays). This allows clients to speak to a vet before making the decision if hands on treatment is required. Clients can get clarity on urgency and next steps, peace of mind that they will know what to do and expert advice and triage within minutes.

Some clients choose to use the VetChat services of a phone consult or video consult (if using a smartphone) and not come into the clinic in person. VetChat bill direct for these consultation services, if a recommendation is made to go to an emergency vet then no charge is made by VetChat.

Did you know if you are a Best for Pet member at our clinic, this Vetchat service is free of charge when used via your unique website login.  

Find out more about VetChat here to view their website.