Top 5 tips to keeping your pooch cool this summer

Top 5 tips to keeping your pooch cool this summer

It is heating up outside! Is this hot weather getting to you? Do you feel yourself taking off some layers and sitting in the cool? Unfortunately for our pooches they don’t have the luxury of removing their large fur coats to cool them down in this dreaded heat.  Luckily, we have come up with some great tips you could try to help keep our beloved four-legged friends cool in this hot weather.

  • Tip 1:  Multiple water supplies –

Seems pretty straight forward, but on hot days it is easy for the one bowl to be knocked over or evaporated. Be sure to have extra water sources available to your pooch on hot days.  It also might be nice adding ice bricks to the water before you leave for work. This will help keep the water cooler and fresher for longer.

  • Tip 2: Air-conditioning –

Sometimes the shade is enough but on days with extreme heat, if it is possible, it might be worth allowing your pooch inside to relax under the air-conditioning of fan.  Isn’t that where you would rather be too?

  • Tip 3: Sprinkler –

On hot days our lawn suffers too. Why not solve two problems at once. For dogs that absolutely love water, set your sprinkler to a timer during the day when you are not home. That way your pooch have dip as well as keeping that lawn nice and green.

  • Tip 4: Paddle pool –

This is a great tip for those dogs that absolutely love water.  How about create your own little doggy swimming pool. It’s easy – Purchase a children’s wading pool and half fill it with water. To encourage shy dogs in, float a few of their favourite toys or treats in it and there you have it, a pooch pool party!

  • Tip 5: Doggy Icy Poles –

Who doesn’t love an icy pole on a hot summer day? Our furry friends do too. Obviously they can’t have our chocolate flavoured cornettoes or strawberry flavoured paddle pops. But they can eat special homemade doggy icy poles! Here’s a recipe you can try:

Doggy icy pole recipe:


  • Beef or chicken stock (diluted)
  • Favourite dog treats e.g. Liver
  • Cheese


  1. Half fill an ice-cream container with very weak/diluted chicken or beef stock
  2. Add your pooch’s favourite broken up dog treats
  3. Sprinkle with cheese
  4. Then fill to the top of the container with water and freeze.

Trust us, this doggy icy pole will provide hours of cool entertainment. Also good as a boredom buster!