The Pinery fires

We are all devastated by the recent bushfires in SA. We have contacts within the industry that we we can pass donations onto. This will be used to help families with the ongoing costs of Veterinary care for the animals affected by this tragedy. Monteray donations are prefered as they can be directed to where it’s needed the most.

The South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management Plan (SAVEM) has been created to enable the AVA SA Division mount an effective response to an emergency incident involving livestock, companion animals and wildlife.
Prompted by the 2009 Victorian bushfires the plan is now officially recognised as part of the South Australian government’s emergency management plan.
The division has received a government grant to educate and train up to 300 of the states veterinarians who have volunteers to assist in an emergency response.

Dr Christie Evans from MBVC was part of the SAVEM (South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management Plan) team which attended the fire zone over the weekend. On Friday morning they were briefed at Angaston CFS by PIRSA, and deployed two teams to fireground, where they commenced sector surveillance, outreach visits to farms, attended to calls from the public for assistance with companion animals and horses, and assisted PIRSA teams with livestock assessment. Photos show the damage done, but also a truck of sheep who were well enough to travel and look like making a full recovery. Well done Christie!

MBVC along with Morphettville Equine Clinic were thanked in a recent EVA (Equine Veterinary Association) newsletter for offering to send additional staff to help and to also take the overflow of medical cases from The Adelaide Uni Hospital and Adelaide Plains Hospital as they are now both full of severely burnt equine patients.