June Behaviour Tip

You can train your dog to do just about any trick. The best way is to break the large trick into smaller steps. Once the dog can do the first step, add the second step and so on until he/she

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Canine Arthritis

Your dog MAY be trying to tell you he has arthritic pain, so you need to learn to look out for some of the warning signs. Call us for a check up if you are worried.

Cold weather…

It’s certainly starting to get colder and now’s the time to watch out for sore and stiff joints in your pets. There is plenty we can do to help out your arthritic pet to ensure they live a happy AND

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Behaviour Tip May 2015

When training your dog give rewards when he/she is doing something you are happy with, this way he/she will continue to do it. This form of training is called positive reinforcement. Using positive reinforcement for training is fun and easy

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Endocrine Disease

Q: What on earth is an endocrine disease? A: It’s just a fancy way of describing a disease that is caused by a hormonal imbalance. These diseases are relatively common and can greatly affect your pet’s quality of life! Ask

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Tips to reduce your dog’s anxiety when you leave the house: – try taking your dog for a walk before you leave – turn the radio or television on for company – always leave your dog with plenty of stimulating

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Behaviour 101

REMEMBER that positive reinforcement is the key to a well-behaved pooch. Reward your dog for good behaviour, be consistent, and get the whole family on board. Ignore – and never punish – the undesirable behaviour.

March Behavioural Tip

A dog’s vision is different to that of a human. They have better vision than us during low-light, cannot see as well at a distance or up close, and see objects better when they are moving. Your dog may be

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So your pet is microchipped – but is the chip up to date? Now’s the perfect time to check that the contact details assigned to your pet’s microchip are accurate. A microchip is useless if the phone number on the

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