Monthly Behaviour Tip – Puppy Socialising

Has your full of energy puppy been driving you crazy through the cold winter months? Were you unable to socialise your puppy or attend puppy training due to Covid restrictions? Finally spring is here, and restrictions have lightened. What a glorious time to get out, socialise, and do some training while enjoying the lovely spring weather.

Did you know dog socialisation involves more than dog play dates? It involves exposing a young dog to positive experiences in the world they will live, including daily activities around your home, walks (in different environments), car trips, visits to friends or family’s houses, café visits, camping, etc. This is one of the most effective things you, as a new dog parent, can do to enjoy a relaxed and social dog you can be proud to take anywhere.

Train and reward good/preferred behaviours as your puppy grows into a lifetime member of the family. Use treats to teach and positively reward the behaviour you would like your dog to be doing during daily activities. Such as sit and wait before coming inside, lay on your mat while vacuuming is being done, sit to greet visitors, move to a spot away from you when asked, and walk calmly on a lead.

As your puppy develops into an adult dog, he/she will develop behaviours that you and your family may not be particularly fond of. Being a dog parent is enjoyable and rewarding, but training a young dog can seem like a daunting task. Attending a training program, can help assist you in habituating your young dog to future life experiences, set up good day to day habits and build a strong relationship between you and your dog.

Take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and spend some extra time with your dog. Your family and your dog will all be rewarded with a strengthened bond, and therefore a dog that’s more willing to obey.


Veterinary Nurse Kirstie Hancock is qualified in animal behaviour with her Certificate IV in Companion Animal Services through the Delta Society. She has lots of great tips and ideas when it comes to misbehaving pets. Keep an eye out for her monthly tips on our Facebook page. Also check out her own business Facebook page - Positive Paws.