Brave Pet

Brave Pet Award!
Bandit, a gorgeous 8 year old Border Collie, has been a frequent flyer here at the vet clinic over the last few months. In November last year, he started to experience some difficulty urinating and became quite ill as a result. Unfortunately he was found to have reduced neurological control that was not allowing him to wee when his bladder was full. Sadly there was no quick or easy solution to this problem and Bandit had to have a urinary catheter placed multiple times a day. His owner also deserves a nomination for Brave Owner of the Month as he has learnt to place the catheter for Bandit himself to reduce the frequency of vet visits. Thanks to his dad’s patience and determination, Bandit is still able to enjoy a relatively normal life! Not the outcome anyone expected, but a success story nonetheless. And even better, Bandit is now showing positive signs of gaining some neurological control back. Keep up the good work you two!