Behaviour Post

Like us; exercise, diet, grooming, mental stimulation and training affects the way your pet feels and behaves and will give your pet the best chance of living a long, happy and healthy life.

Pets that are exercised daily, generally feel good, look good and live longer. Regular exercise maintains healthy muscles, bones and joints and keeps major organs functioning well. Every pet is unique and needs varying levels of exercise, so it is important to develop a routine that suits the energy level and personality of your pet.

A complete and balanced diet that is tailored to your pet’s stage of life and any medical issues will help your pet feel and therefore behave its best. Consider feeding your pet with small amounts throughout the day, to help avoid behaviours associated to ‘hangriness’ or boosted by the surge of energy from one meal a day.

Who doesn’t feel good after being groomed and pampered? Whether it be a visit to the hairdressers or barber, or simply washing or styling your own hair. Grooming makes us feel happy and confident. It is the same for your pets. Regularly grooming your pet will help maintain a healthy coat and skin, builds your relationship with your pet and helps you become familiar with your pets body.

Consistent mental stimulation, such as slow feeders, food games/puzzles, and training helps your pet learn, strengthens your relationship, lowers stress, wards off boredom and curbs unwanted behaviour. If appropriate, even just a short car ride will provide stimulation for your pet and in turn will help teach appropriate behaviour during car rides.

So to help your pet to behave its best, ensure its feeling its best and living its best life.