Be Safe but Merry for Christmas Day!

It’s the most, wonderful time... of the year! Who doesn’t love Christmas?! Not only for the presents Santa leaves us under the tree, but more importantly it’s for the time we spend with family and friends, stuffing our faces full of delicious food and reflecting on the year that was 2019. We’ve had a pretty full on year at MBVC – we’ve had major renovations in and outside the clinic with our new client car park and our waiting room and administration area revamped. We’ve welcomed new staff to our team, but have also had to say goodbye to some too. All in all, we’ve had a top year here at the clinic!

As we said above, we know Christmas means lots of delicious meals! With this it means that we need to keep a watchful eye on our plates to make sure our sneaky and determined four-legged companions don’t steal anything off them! Though they are irresistible, some foods can actually make our pets very sick, so we need to be strong and resist their ‘puppy eyes’. There are other dangers to be aware of as well around this time of the year, so that’s what we’re here to talk about.

  1. Food 

    As we said – resist the Puppy eyes! There’s no doubt our pets will be trying all types of ways to make us want to give them something scrumptious that’s been left over on our plates. The main thing is to be weary of food that are high in fat like fatty cuts of meat, meats from the BBQ and marrow bones, as these can cause Pancreatitis. This is a painful condition which can be fatal if not treated, and makes our pets feel quite sick. It can be treated with hospitalisation and medications, but prevention is the best thing! If you’d like to make a special treat for your pet, check out these links which give you awesome recipes to cook up! That way you can give them something to eat while you enjoy your Christmas feast! Have a look at this website to find 25 Healthy Puppy treats!
    and for your cat .

  1. Hot Weather 

    Though the weather constantly changes, there’s one thing for certain – there will be some stinking hot days coming up this month! Make sure your pets have a cool place to hide away from the heat and can have access to fresh water. If you want to take them for a walk, either do it first thing in the morning before it gets too hot or wait until later in the evening. Remember that even though the sun goes down, the ground can still be hot, so make sure to check it with the back of your hand so you don’t burn your pooch’s paws. Other ideas to help cool pets down is clam shells full of water, ice blocks frozen with your pets favourite treats, wet towels laid out on the ground for them to lay on, or getting them inside under the air con.

  1. Travelling 

    Obviously we want you to travel safely with your pets as you drive to your Christmas day destination, but you also need to be conscious of your pets too. If you are travelling with your pets, make sure they are safely secured in the back of your vehicles when driving, as they can become a distraction if they are trying to move around whilst you’re driving. Cats should be contained in a secure Cat Cage, and dogs need to be restrained and unable to walk around the car whilst driving. Did you know police can fine a driver and issue demerit points if an animal is causing the driver to be not in full control of the vehicle, or if they are driving with a dog on their lap? It’s also for their safety in case you have an accident.

We wish you and your fur-kids the most amazing Christmas and New Year. We thank you for joining us this year, and hope to see you all for another fun filled year in 2020!