Special Case of the Month: Young Eagle Recovers at the Zoo

Young Eagle Recovers at the Zoo

Our special case of the month is a little different to our usual four-legged friends. We thought this story of a courageous young eagle was just too amazing not to share with you all.

This magnificent juvenile male eagle was brought into our clinic after being found injured in a paddock in Coomandook. Dr Christie and Nurse Annemarie examined and stabilised the eagle overnight before he was transported to Monarto Zoo. The Zoos Veterinarian, whom specialises in managing and treating injured birds of prey, took x-rays of the eagle’s wings. The x-rays showed healing fractures and new flight feathers growing. It is believed he had possibly been hit by a car and been surviving on limited flight for over three months. With specialised care and management the eagle started eating as normal and gaining strength. He was then transferred from Monarto to the Adelaide Zoo where he is currently in quarantine. Soon his temperament and behaviour will be assessed. If the workers believe he will be able to cope well, he will go into the “encounters” programme at the Adelaide Zoo. If they find the encounters programme is not right for him he will go into rehabilitation with a raptor specialist on Kangaroo Island where there are no wild foxes to disturb further recovery. Maybe one day we will be able to visit this tough brave eagle to see him fit and well wherever his journey takes him.