Christmas Behaviour Tip

With the festive season approaching, our dogs often get left home alone, or if they are lucky enough to attend the family celebrations; may become a nuisance. Either scenario will require you to ensure your dog’s have plenty to keep them busy throughout the day.

Try eliminating their food bowl and feed your dog in a different manner taking them longer to consume:

  • Feed using a food ball, Kong or food dispensing toy.
  • Set up a ‘hide and seek’ by scattering kibble or treats around the yard or inside the house for your dog to sniff out and find.
  • Throw dry food or other treats in a clam shell of water to ‘bob for kibble’ or sand to dig and find. For indoor dogs use shredded paper in a clam shell as ‘dirt’.
  • Freeze dry food, treats, a bone or pigs ear etc. in an ice-cream container in dilute stock to make a yummy ice block to enjoy.