Endocrine Disease

Q: What on earth is an endocrine disease? A: It’s just a fancy way of describing a disease that is caused by a hormonal imbalance. These diseases are relatively common and can greatly affect your pet’s quality of life! Ask

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Tips to reduce your dog’s anxiety when you leave the house: – try taking your dog for a walk before you leave – turn the radio or television on for company – always leave your dog with plenty of stimulating

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Behaviour 101

REMEMBER that positive reinforcement is the key to a well-behaved pooch. Reward your dog for good behaviour, be consistent, and get the whole family on board. Ignore – and never punish – the undesirable behaviour.

March Behavioural Tip

A dog’s vision is different to that of a human. They have better vision than us during low-light, cannot see as well at a distance or up close, and see objects better when they are moving. Your dog may be

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Senior Pet Club – March Birthdays

Happy Birthday to our two lovely Senior Pet Club Members, Cara and Kane celebrating their birthdays this month!


So your pet is microchipped – but is the chip up to date? Now’s the perfect time to check that the contact details assigned to your pet’s microchip are accurate. A microchip is useless if the phone number on the

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