Can you believe it – we are entering snake bite season again! Long grass around dams and rivers are great spots for snakes to hide so keep your eyes peeled. Signs of snake bite include dilated pupils, weakness, collapse and

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Spring Clean?

It’s time for a spring clean! When it comes to bathing your dog choosing the correct shampoo is very important. Don’t be tempted to use human shampoo (even baby shampoo) as it’s the wrong pH for your pooch. If your

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Vegan Cat?

Ever wondered if your cat can be vegan? The answer is NO – a vegan diet is a dangerous choice for your cat. Cats are obligate carnivores which means they require meat in their diet for healthy brain, nerve and

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Free dental checks

There is still time to get your pets teeth checked for FREE! Call us to book an appointment with one of our friendly nurses so we can give your pet a full dental health check.

Spring hazards.

Slug and snail bait that claim to be ‘pet safe’ simply have a bitter taste to act as a deterrent – some pets will STILL eat these highly toxic baits and ingestion (even in small amounts) can be fatal. Consider

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Fresh Breath

Don’t turn away from your pet’s bad breath – it could be a sign of dental disease! Did you know that as many as 8 in 10 pets may be suffering from this nasty disease? Ask us for a dental

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Don’t put off a trip to the dentist!

Don’t put off a trip to the dentist! The longer your pet’s dental disease goes untreated, the worse it becomes. Early treatment will most importantly prevent pain but will also reduce dental costs in the long run. Call us for

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Dog Coats

It is chilly out there! A coat might be a good idea for pets that have been clipped or are old and feel the cold, but be aware that a coat might impede your pet’s ability to regulate his own

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Behaviour Seminar

Our very own Dr Fiona Warton is an executive committee member of The Australian Veterinary Behaviour Interest Group (AVBIG). They are pleased to be hosting a series of educational seminars on canine and feline behaviour in September 2015. Pet owners

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Winter is in full swing!

Winter is in full swing and it can get pretty darn cold in some areas of Australia. In fact, in some places your pet’s water bowl may even freeze over. It may not get a chance to thaw during the

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