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Have you ever wondered if your dog really loves you?!

Feb 8

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Wednesday, 8 February 2017 12:00 PM  RssIcon

Feeling a bit lonely this valentine’s day!

No need to worry… Isn’t that what pets are for?

Have you ever wondered if your dog really loves you?!

Does he or she:

  • Bring you their favourite squeaky toys, often covered in dirt and slobber? – This is a sign of affection.
  • Lick your face frantically? – this is an easy one…. You are being kissed.
  • Make eye contact with you? – Prolonged eye contact is a sign your dog feels safe and secure with you.
  • Yawn when you do? Some people believe if a dog yawns after you do it is a sign of empathy.

Or how about your cat??

Does he or she:

  • Bring you presents?  - Whether it is a dead mouse or bird, this is their prized catch and they are giving it to you.
  • Flashes their stomach at you? – Rolling onto their back is a vulnerable position; it can signify they feel safe and happy around you.
  • Knead you or rub their head on you? – They leave their pheromones on you by massaging you with their paws and deposit their facial pheromones on you with each head rub. A very big sign of affection.


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