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By Murray Bridge Vet Clinic on Sunday, 3 November 2019 10:22 AM
Giving Parasite Control

Have you checked your calendar and seen that your pet’s parasite control is due? Do you immediately feel a rush of anxiety knowing that there will be a serious struggle when it comes to giving your pet a tablet/spot on treatment? You can rest assure, your pets are probably feeling the same kind of anxiety as you are! Have no fear - there are a few options to help reduce these difficulties and in-turn help you to be more compliant yourself keeping your pet up to date on their parasite control.

Rather than going to war with your pet by pinning them down to shove the tablet/chew down the throat or apply the spot on, try to give a positive association to the procedure, by involving high value food with the tablet/chew/spot on. Try wrapping or coating the tablet/chew in something sticky and delicious like peanut butter or cream cheese (who could resist!). Pop it in a piece of human food they don’t usually get, like cheese or sausage. Or hide it in your dog’s favourite food...
By Murray Bridge Vet Clinic on Friday, 1 November 2019 4:32 PM
  Where has 2019 gone! It’s incredible to think that we are in November already and summer and Christmas are just around the corner! The busy time is upon us, meaning that people will start the ‘end of year’ frenzy getting ready to buy presents, book holidays and to see friends and family before the year is done. Have I missed something? Of course – our four-legged family members! With so much happening around us, sometimes we think ‘oh, I’ll get to that later’, which then leads to it being left too long, and then more panic sets it.

This month’s blog will provide you with a checklist of all the things you should be thinking about as the end of year approaches, and what you may need to have done to your pet before you and the family pack up and head away on holidays.

Vaccinations Did you realise most boarding kennels require cats and dogs to be vaccinated prior to boarding?  Vaccinations are extremely important when it comes to boarding our furry family members to ensure your own four-legged...

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