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Meet The Vets

Dr James Vowles

Owner / Veterinarian

Dr James VowlesI graduated from Murdoch University in 1997 and started my career at Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic. In 2000 I left the clinic and enjoyed a 12 month working holiday travelling through the Middle East, United Kingdom and Europe.Enjoying the lifestyle and opportunities Murray Bridge had to offer, I rejoined the practice and became a partner in 2001. My particular interests are equine medicine and surgery and small animal orthopaedic surgery.



Dr Kathryn Ingram
B.V.Sc (hons), Bachelor of Rural Science


Dr Kathryn IngramI grew up in Dubbo in Western NSW and when I finished school I moved to Armidale NSW where I went to uni and graduated with a Bachelor of Rural Science. I did my veterinary training at Sydney University and graduated in December 2008. I then started work at Murray Bridge Vet Clinic also in December 2008. My main veterinary interests are in small animal medicine and surgery. While I was at university I spent 3 years doing after hours emergency work at Guildford Veterinary Hospital and developed an interest in emergency medicine. Since February 2009 I have worked on a casual basis at the Adelaide Veterinary Emergency Centre to gain additional experience in small animal emergency work.

I have 4 pets of my own, 2 dogs - Maddy & Hugo; and 2 cats - Mowgli & Ewok. Hugo is a rather large boisterous black Labrador cross from Labrador Rescue in the ACT and Maddy is an extremely energetic black Labrador from a breeder near Strathalbyn. Mowgli and Ewok both came from Guildford Veterinary Hospital where they were abandoned as kittens and hand raised.


Dr Phillip Pearson


Dr Phillip PearsonI grew up in Sydney but moved to Townsville in North Queensland to study Veterinary Science. At university I developed a passion for working with animals large and small.

After graduating from university I began working at Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic in early 2012. This clinic gives me the opportunity to work with a large range of animals, from cats and dogs to horses and cattle. I really enjoy the variety and challenge that comes with working with so many different animal species. I look forward to developing my skills and knowledge in all aspects of the Veterinary profession.

In my spare time I enjoy hanging out with friends and attending music concerts and festivals. I also enjoy camping, heading to the beach, and sports such as mountain bike riding. 


Dr Tristan Marks
B.Sc. D.V.M.


Dr Tristan Marks

As a kid I lived in Port Macquire (NSW), Salt Creek (Coorong) and sunny Robe (South East SA), where I enjoyed the beaches, bodyboarding, fishing and diving. In 2000 circumstances shifted to the polar opposite when my family moved to China, where I enjoyed -30 degree temperatures, giant cities and air pollution, along with incredible food, people, lifestyle and experiences.
After finishing high school in China I returned to SA to start University. Animals and farming had been a strong influence growing up, spending time on family farms, owning pets and being exposed to some welfare issues overseas, all of which inspired me to study vet medicine.
After graduating from Adelaide Uni I hopped across the pond to Oamaru, New Zealand, and worked in mixed practice for two years. This was a big dairy area but also gave me broad experience across small animals, sheep, beef cattle and horses, as well as the odd alpaca, pig, goat and yellow-eyed penguin. It also made for some of the best tramping (hiking), kayaking, snowboarding and craft beer drinking experiences of my life.
At the start of 2017 I returned to SA and now live with my partner and gymnast Jack Russell in Mt Barker, enjoying life at the Murray Bridge Vet Clinic and trying not to sound too Kiwi when I talk.


Dr Emma Jacobs
B.Sc. D.V.M.


Dr Emma Jacobs

I grew up on a dairy farm in South Australia, not far from Murray Bridge. This contributed to my passion for animals, both small and large, and consequently my chosen career path in veterinary science. I have remained local and graduated from the University of Adelaide. I enjoy all aspects of mixed animal practice and working with the wide range of species that we see at Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic.

I have one dog with me in Murray Bridge and numerous other pets and animals that I have left behind on my family’s farm. In my spare time I enjoy keeping fit (e.g. walking, bike riding) and catching up with friends and family. I also hope to get back in to some sport (e.g. netball) and horse riding in the near future.


Dr Aislinn Drury
B.V.Sc (Hons) —University of SydneyDr Aislinn Drury

I grew up in Sydney and studied Veterinary Science at the University of Sydney, graduating at the end of 2016. While at university, I worked as a receptionist and nurse at a small animal veterinary clinic in Sydney. After finally getting sick of the traffic and expense of living in Sydney, I decided to move a bit further afield and ended up in Murray Bridge. I started working at MBVC in April 2017 and I’m really enjoying living in a smaller town and exploring the area.

I have left my family dog behind in Sydney. His name is Iggy and he’s a Miniature Schnauzer. Without having a pet of my own in Murray Bridge, I enjoy getting to meet and care for our client’s pets.

I love the variety encountered working in mixed practice; no two days are the same. My interests include small animal surgery and dermatology and I like getting out of the clinic and working with cattle and horses too. I’m also interested in exotic animals and wildlife and I have spent some time volunteering and working at Taronga Zoo in Sydney

In my spare time, I play netball and I enjoy hiking, reading and spending time with family and friends.


Dr Alicia Rochler
B.Sc (Veterinary Bioscience) DVM.Dr Alicia Rochler

I grew up in Mount Gambier before moving to Adelaide in 2010 to study Veterinary Science. I graduated in 2015 and am looking forward to an exciting first year in practice at Murray Bridge Vet Clinic.
During my studies I developed a passion for both companion animal and large animal medicine.
I have a pet Kelpie who keeps me on her toes in my spare time and I enjoy watching movies, playing netball and reading books.



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Meet The Nurses

Jacqui Kempe
Cert III & IV in Veterinary Nursing, Cert IV in Practice Management, Cert III in Financial Services

Practice Manager / Veterinary Nurse

I have always had a passion for animals and was very excited when I first became involved with MBVC at 14 years old. I began working as a junior nurse after school and during holidays.

I completed my Veterinary Nursing Certificate, worked in Adelaide for a short time and in 1982 I returned to MBVC and worked until 1991.I returned to working at MBVC in November 1995. During this time I have seen a lot of changes at the practice and have done further study in Financial Services and Practice Management and really enjoyed the challenge.

Away from the clinic I have many family and friends in the area and love to spend time with them and love to travel with my family.

I feel very lucky to have been involved with MBVC and the veterinary industry; I have seen many changes over the years while working in an area that I love.

Peggy Abbiss


I started at M.B.V.C. in June 1989 back in the days when we contacted the vets by a very dodgy CB radio set-up! Have been here through 2 major renovations, vets retiring, associates being trained to the way we wanted them & then having them go o/s!, computers coming in to replace the entire wall of paper Patient files we had, dairies being a big part of our daily work & now closing down. How some things have changed.

My job is people contact and I love it – another good part of my job is the puppy cuddling – always fun. I have lived in the M/B district for over 20 years – Jock & I have a daughter Kelsey & ‘share’ his other 2 daughters. Virtually every animal we have had (cats, dogs, galahs, chickens, budgies) has come through the clinic as strays/foundlings & all have been terrific pets.

Sarah Seyers
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing, Cert IV in Practice Management

Veterinary Nurse

I started at Murray Bridge Vet Clinic in 2002 as a junior nurse after school and then started my traineeship in 2003. After completing Certificate III and IV in Veterinary Nursing I continued my education with further studies in Animal Behaviour with Dr Kerstie Seksel and the Delta Canine Good Citizen Program. I enjoy animal behaviour especially puppy development, socialisation and education.
I have extended my knowledge into practice management and completed Certificate IV in Frontline Management with the Animal Industries Resource Centre.

When I’m not at the clinic I enjoy spending time with my family at our racehorse stable, and looking after my whippet Izzi and stable cat Buddy.

Naomi Buick
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

Naomi SteeleI have been employed at Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic since 1998, starting out doing work experience and then gaining part time work. I completed my Certificate IV in Veterinary nursing and gained a lot of experience with on the job training. Over these past 12 years I have watched the clinic grow, trained many new nurses and gained such a love for all the animals I am privileged to meet. I have developed a real passion for surgery which is where I now spend my time working.

Also during these 12 years I have had 3 children where I have taken leave and then been welcomed back each time by a great team of vets and nurses. I have a Golden Retriever, a cheeky Schnauzer and tropical fish. I currently work part time at the clinic and keep busy with that and my family life. I enjoy gardening when I can and being outdoors.


Katrina Leske
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

Katrina LeskeI am a Senior Veterinary Nurse at Murray Bridge Veterinary clinic. I started in 2000 and have loved every moment and aspect of my job.

Because of my passion for my job this has allowed me to undertake extra study to better myself in my chosen profession. I find the variety and diversity of Veterinary Nursing work enjoyable.



Kirstie Hancock
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing
Cert IV Companion Animal Services (Delta Society)

Veterinary Nurse

Kirstie KuchelI started working at the MBVC in 2003, when I got offered a job as a junior nurse after my week of year 10 work experience. I grew up on a beef and cropping farm, so have always had a passion of caring for animals. After year 12, through a traineeship, I studied at TAFE to complete Certificate II and Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

At home I have a loving poodle, Lila and a hansom tortoise, Fritz. My other pets live close by at Mum and Dads farm. I did a bit of behaviour training with Lila and so found an interest in the most questioned category of owning a dog – behaviour.

In 2010 I started to run the preexisting puppy pre-school classes we hold at MBVC. In which I absolutely love, as it combines my love of puppies and the interest of dog behaviour. I love working at MBVC, it is like my second family here. I look forward to going to work each day and hope to further challenge myself with extra studies in the future.


Emily August
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

Emily BartelI have always had an interest in animals, having cats and dogs at home since I was a little girl. Our family have always had horses and I have been riding since I was 4. At 10 I was riding breakers for mum and making my own money once the horses were sold. When I was 14 I started riding track work before school so it was a natural progression to do my work experience at the Murray Bridge Vet Clinic. After completing one school term at the clinic as part of one of my subjects, i was sure it was the career for me. January 2009 I started my traineeship with the MBVC. I have completed my cert IV in Veterinary Nursing and I am very lucky to be a part of the great team and enjoy my different experiences everyday.


Cassie Brion
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

Cassie BrionI began my Veterinary nursing career in at the end of 2007 when I joined the Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic as a Junior Nurse working after school. During Year 12 in 2009, I studied Animal Studies Certificate II (Veterinary Nursing) at the Gilles Plains Tafe campus to help me begin my career in nursing. When I finished year 12, I was offered full time employment. So at the beginning of 2010, I began working full time at the clinic, whilst studying Certificate IV Veterinary Nursing part time. I thoroughly enjoy working with animals and in the animal industry, but I especially love surgical nursing, alternative medicines (acupuncture etc.) and radiology. I would also love to become part of the Pet PEP program which our clinic performs in schools when I become more experienced.

In my spare time, I love to do water recreation activities such as waterskiing and wakeboarding, spend time with family, chill out with mates, working out on the grandparent’s farm and travelling to new places. I also enjoy singing and acting, so I thrive on taking part in musicals and being part of one of the local theatre groups in Murray Bridge.


Shavaun Monjean
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

Shavaun MonjeanAfter finishing year 12 in 2008, I went on to complete my certificate 2 in Veterinary Nursing, which allowed me to take part in work experience at the Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic. In 2010 I was employed as a full time certificate 4 Veterinary Nurse.

I have grown up with animals all my life and therefore I have a great passion in caring for them. I have two dogs of my own Jondi and Lulu and have recently started hand rearing orphaned possums. Pet nutrition and animal wellbeing are the aspects I love most about my job.


Amy Reu
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse


I have loved animals all my life and working at a vet clinic was always my dream.

I started at the Murray Bridge Vet Clinic in 2007 as a junior nurse while I was still at school. In 2010 I had finished year 12 and started a traineeship at the Murray Bridge Vet Clinic studying Cert II animal studies and continuing on with cert IV vet nursing.I have hand reared kittens and duckling and would love to continue raising and saving young animals. I enjoy watching the recovery of sick animals and their relationships with their owners. I also am interested in horses. I have 2 Kelpies called Junior and Indi.


Teagan Jacobs
Cert IV in Veterinary NursingTeagan Jacobs

Veterinary Nurse

I have worked at Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic as a Junior Nurse since 2010. I grew up on a farm with many types of animals and began rising horses when I was 6. I have always loved animals and have wanted to help and care for them.

After completing year 12 I plan to go to University to become a Vet or study at TAFE to become a Veterinary Nurse. I still live on a farm and own a dog named Penny, 2 Sphynx cats called Harvey & Theo, along with 2 horses.

I love working with the great team at Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic.


Danielle Stiller
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing

Veterinary Nurse

DanielleIn 2011 I completed work experience at the Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 6 months later I was offered a position as a junior nurse. Through school I have been actively involved with the Monarto Zoo via volunteering in “Team Mates” and with work experience in 2012.

I have been passionate about the welfare of animals from a young age and my ambition after completing year 12 is to work full time in the animal industry.

My experience at the clinic has enhanced my confidence and knowledge working with animals. It is a great place to work due to the friendly and helpful staff.



Demi Lehmann
Trainee Veterinary Nurse


I am currently studying veterinary nursing and have started 2016 with the opportunity to work with a great team at the Murray Bridge Vet Clinic.

I grew up on a farm in Keith SA where my passion for animals thrived. We had many dogs on the farm, working and pets, which all had such a beautiful nature. Throughout my childhood I hand reared calves, lambs and recently cared for two joeys, a kitten and a camel. Currently I have a gorgeous Blue Heeler, Mack and a very playful Kelpie, Misty, who are the best of friends.

I look forward to working alongside people who share the same love for animals that I have and to further my knowledge in all aspects within the animal industry.



Anne-marie O'Connor
Veterinary Nurse

AnnieCertificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing, Certificate 4 in Leisure and Lifestyle
Certificate 4 in Community service.
Specialised animal license with dept. environment & heritage

September 2007

Hospital and Emergency nursing
Wildlife care



Emily Redden
Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Emily R

After growing up in regional towns ( Jamestown, Keith & Lameroo), I started working at Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic in 2016. It was a change of careers for me because I originally studied and obtained my Bachelor of Marketing and Communication from UniSA after finishing school and worked in related fields for a few years afterwards. I had come to the realisation that I wasn’t enjoying work as much as I could be so I then began studying for my Certificate four in Veterinary Nursing and haven’t looked back. It was a steep learning  curve but one that I wouldn’t trade in for anything! I have always loved animals, especially dogs having grown up with a very cheeky (naughty) Maltese x Poodle named Rupert. I have recently become a proud puppy parent of a Bernese Mountain Dog, Jeffery.
Between work at the clinic, study, Jeffery and my work-in progress home in Kanmantoo,
I am kept pretty busy and am loving it!


Jessie Bland
Trainee Veterinary Nurse

Emily RAs a kid, we always had a variety of animals on our small hobby farm in Meningie. From raising calves, lambs and ducks, to having chickens, horses, fish, rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs and cats, there was always something to care for, this is where my love for animals began. At the moment I only have a Kelpie puppy, her name is Kell, she would have the same amount of energy of all the animals listed above combined! In 2014 I completed my certificate III in Animal care and Husbandry whilst in year 11 at school, I then completed yr 12 and continued working in retail locally for 2 years. Currently, I am studying my Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing whilst employed at the Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic. I absolutely love every aspect of this job, from interacting with the owners, working amongst amazing Vets and nurses and getting to see the recovery of pets, the variety of breeds and personalities of animals that we encounter everyday and everything in between! Oh and of course the puppy cuddles!


Tahlia Eidam

Trainee Veterinary Nurse

I live in the Adelaide Hills. Growing up we always had animals; dogs, cats, fish, turtles, rabbits and guineapigs. At the moment I have two kelpies, two cats and twelve fish. I have complete a certificate 3 in animal studies and am now completing my Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing. I currently work at a supermarket and volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary in the Adelaide Hills. I am looking forward to working with the wonderful and passionate staff here at Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic.


Emily Klenke

Junior Veterinary NurseEmily Klenke

At the start of 2017, I got the amazing opportunity to be employed as a junior vet nurse. I am currently studying year 11 and certificate 2 in animal studies. In year 12, I am hoping to study Certificate 3 in animal studies and then continue onto Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing after school.

I have always had a passion for animals, especially cats and horses. I own three cats called Aria, Calico and Soxie, a pony called Belle, a horse called Flirt and a bearded dragon called Beardy. I also own two goldfish. I began riding horses when I was 10 and have grown up with cats.

I love working at the clinic with the amazing team of Vets and Vet nurses.


Eliza Male

Junior Veterinary NurseEliza Male

I am currently employed as a junior nurse while studying my certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing.
I have a passion for looking after a variety of animals and learning new things. I grew up on the river at Mannum with my 2 dogs, Sally and William and 2 cats Daisy and Melvin.
I look forward to sharing my passions with like minded people and extending my knowledge.


Sarah Klitcher

Junior Veterinary NurseSarah Klitcher










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Pet care at Murray Bridge Veterinary Clinic for dogs and cats

 After Hours & Emergencies  08 8531 4000

Our comprehensive emergency service offers a veterinarian on call 24 hours every day of the year.

Telephone 0885 314 000 when the clinic is closed to hear a recorded message giving a phone number of the on call veterinarian.

Always phone first before rushing to the clinic with an injured animal or other emergency. An additional fee is charged outside normal clinic hours.